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“We specialize in helping businesses to expand their exposure on the internet. Signature provide a good and effective website design service that affordable by everyone. Anyone can have website to represent their identity or to promote their products and services. We are committed to provide a solution and strategy that meets client expectations.”
Leonardo, Founder.

e-shopping trends

e-shopping has been a trend nowadays and it’s gain a lot of popularity. There are more than 3 billion Internet users worldwide. More than 50% of these Internet users do online shopping and the number of users is growing every second. Users like the convenient and ease of doing online shopping. e-shopping have been a platform for seller to do online store and access to worldwide internet users. These gave online seller opportunity for more exposure and do international business.

This platform is getting easier as consumer can browse all available product or service via web browser. Once decided on the goods, consumer can make payment through the website and wait for delivery of products to their door step. e-shopping have become the largest retailing corporations worldwide. Some of the big companies using this platform are eBay,Alibaba and Amazon.

The success of e-shopping has affected the way people doing retail business. The retailers are moving their business online and sell their goods through e-shopping platform. With the help of web design and SEO, their business can be proactive and reaching more consumers. The growth of e-shopping has changed the way to do retail business. The impact of online shopping on retailers business is enormous. Retailers can expand their business via Internet to other regions by just using a website and web browser.

Our expertise on doing e-shopping website and application had help and improved our client businesses. We will consult and customize the system to suit your businesses. At Signature, you can count on us and leave your worry to us. Below are some of our clients list and list of e-shopping module for reference.