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This marketing strategy has been used for more than 65 years. Its have a lot of success breakthrough record from since the plan been introduced. The members in the MLM companies are huge and it can grow tremendously. Therefore you need to have a system that has no tolerance to mistake on calculation and commission payout. It needs to show all the sales information in details and at the end can generate report on the performance. Business has great relied on system to manage and grow. With the implement of suitable and right system, your business management is at ease and can grow steadily. With our 10 experiences, we can consult and built the right MLM system for your business.

We have the expertise to develop customize system for your MLM companies. Our experienced system specialists have depth knowledge in this field and will provide tailor made system solutions for your business accordingly. When it comes to payout and sales, we need to handle carefully and precisely. Some of the MLM compensation plan we offer are Binary, Uni-Level, Generational, Matrix, Break Away and Direct Sales. MLM system involves the calculation of sales and bonuses. We apply comprehensive testing to ensure the system is able to handle all calculation and to have a reliable system.

Simplify web based application are essential for end user. They can learn to use it easily. Therefore simplified architecture will be apply and able to reduce the cost due to less maintenances. Large complex data are usually stored in separate systems. We can design web based application to reduce the resource and data to be process and consolidate in a system and reduce needs to store in separate system. Security measure can be implementing in the web based application whereby end user need not to access files direct from end server.

MLM software can be installed in server use can access their information via their devices. The maintenances on system are easy and only need to be done on server site only. End user can always have access to the system with updated application and need not do any updating at their end. Web based application is compatible in different platform. It only need minimal requirement and can be use via web browser such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. End user need not to worry about different platform as all browsers and supported. With web based application, user only need a website address to access their MLM account through Internet. All parties such as customer and supplier can access their information easily. MLM system can be access worldwide through Internet. Therefore your business can grow and access anywhere.Our solution will also cover your needs on web-based MLM system. It will have real-time update feature whereby members and companies can access the system anytime, anywhere. All transaction can be updated instantly and users will have the latest details on hand.

Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Plans


From below figure illustration, the top individual will receive compensation from his downline sales. In Binary plan you will have 2 legs as your direct downline. A subtree may earn commission on the entire volume of the tree. Usually the 1 subtree is referred as power leg. Meanwhile rest of subtree under it will refer as profit leg. All new members will be placed below their introducing member. New member will be place below their enrolling member to the available leaf node of the Binary tree.

Stair Step

From below figure illustration, individual will receive be promoted to the ranking level design by the company. The member of this plan is responsible for both personal and group sales volumes. The volume is depending on the retail of product and recruitment of new member. Once the predefined volume or sales is achieved, the member can move up a step and repeat the process until the top of stair case. FYI, Amway and Tupperware use this compensation plan in their business.

Unilevel Matrix

From below figure illustration, the individual can sponsor one line of distributors. All members that you sponsor will be your frontline and there is no limit to it. In this plan, the commission structure is more simples. The common goal of this plan is to recruit large number of frontline distributors. Usually the individual only need to maintain minimal amount of required personal volume.


The main feature of this MLM plan is to split the parent board and enable it to reach the next available board level. Meanwhile the rest of members will be shared among the 2 split board according to member position. In this plan, each member able to refer 2 members and the upcoming member will spill over. Members will move into next board after the first board is full, and they will keep on revolving the process.


This plan is used together with Matrix Plan. From below figure illustration, the team member will break away from the team after they reach certain qualification. Whenever this happen, the individual or the sponsor will no longer receive the matrix payout from the member that moved away. Nonetheless the sponsor will receive a lump sum of monthly commission on the total volume of his breakaway unit.

Australian / Tri-Binary

Australian Binary Plan and Tri- Binary plan looks alike. The difference between them is pair matching is required In Tri-Binary. Meanwhile Australian binary does not require pair matching. Australian binary can generate quicker commission comparing to other plans and no matching required. Payout is larger according to the pair and does not depend on the levels. Members are free to choose options to refer more than 2 direct downlines. Additional parallel legs can be created apart from left and right of the member.

Forced Matrix

In this plan, the compensation structure has a set width and depth for which on how the distributor is compensate. The basic structure of this plan is normally identified by an equation that distinguishes the width and depth of the plan. If the plan is set at 3x5, the individual can only sponsor a maximum of 3 frontline distributor and can earn commission up to 5 levels deep.


In this plan, the members are paid on generations basic. It’s consisting of all volume from you down to next downline who is in the same or higher ranking. The next generation is all volume from that person down to the next person your rank or higher and the generation keep on. The payout can be many levels deep. Member are paid the most on the first generation and become lesser for each generation down the hierarchy.